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Grab The Bull by the Horns

At Club iCBM we mean business, we mean profits, and we mean wealth. As advisors and business owners our focus is to grow by pushing the bleeding edge of technology. We mean global, we mean crypto, we mean blockchain, finance and change. If you are ready to grab the bull by the horns, maybe it is time to contact us and see how we can help.

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A True Warrior Does Not Quit

High Speed WiFi & Coworking

The Club offers multiple co-working options so you can choose what fits you best. Internet speed in Andorra is within the top 3 fastest in the world, and your colleagues will all have vast experience with international affairs. If you are looking for a lair hidden in the snow-capped mountains where you can comfortably get ready to take over the world, this is it.
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Lounge & Restaurant

In addition to a bright, comfortable lounge area where you can sit back and plot your new project, Club iCBM is working on incorporating restaurant service soon so you won’t want to leave. Be sure to tell your kids you love them before you leave — with the club’s comforts, you might forget you have a family at all.
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Try our Specials this month. Exclusively imported for our members

Crystal Head Vodka

Made for all the creative spirits who think differently
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D'Stills Chocolate Whisky

Macerated Signature Belgian Chocolates Distilled with Whiskey
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Martin Miller's Gin

Blended to strength using Icelandic spring water
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Veggie Snacks & Lunchables

While we work on opening our restaurant, Club iCBM can still offer food on the premises. Vegetarian, meat lover, Asian, Italian, Mexican, or local dishes among many others are all available at your fingertips with food delivery services. If you order, do remember that we all love you and that sharing is caring.
We have something for every taste

Pastries & Fine Coffee

We realize our lives would not be the same without our daily dose of caffeine, that is why we offer free self serve coffee at the bar. If you wish to pair your coffee with some carbs, such as, freshly baked goods whose aroma will invariably attract coworkers to your exact geolocation, do not forget to visit the bakery next door. Just don’t get caught publicly rolling in the dough.
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Nanny is on beer break.


Traditional Darts – play safe!
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Cards & Board Games

Everything except Monopoly
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Live Sports on 70” HDTV

Making waves with Footy & Rugby
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